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Adulting is Hard, Dinner Doesn't Have to Be: Easy & Fun Girl Dinner Ideas & Inspiration

Adulting is Hard, Dinner Doesn't Have to Be: Easy & Fun Girl Dinner Ideas & Inspiration

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’m a BBQ fanatic.  My wife and I really love entertaining, and on weekends the house is buzzing with activity.  During the week, like most households, it can be chaotic.  We try to have dinner together a couple of nights a week, but as the kids have gotten older, it’s much more difficult.  Some nights, I might be eating alone, and there are nights when my wife is.    

I’ll usually settle for a sandwich or a bowl of cereal.  I’m not against eating while standing over the sink or in front of the television.  My wife, on the other hand, has Girl Dinner.  And this is all you need to know about our differences.  For those of you unfamiliar, Girl Dinner is a phrase coined by Tik Tok user Olivia Maher (@liviemaher) and is a low-effort meal consisting of small snacks and appetizers to eat when you’re alone. 

My wife told me she heard about it from her friends at work.  Over the last year or so, she has created four types of Girl Dinner menus depending on what is around the kitchen and her mood.   She turns a few simple ingredients into something pleasing and satisfying while enjoying her solitude.  I admire her elegance and class, something I tend to be a little short of.

I must admit, I wasn’t surprised that even alone she was elegant, but what was surprising was that she had different menu options available to her with a small amount of planning.  All of it made easier with a pantry full of Spice Madness.


There are always avocados in our kitchen, and she tends to use them for Girl Dinner.  I’m convinced she hides one from us to make sure there is one when she needs it.  She will either use Spice Madness’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning or Guacamole Seasoning.  Sometimes she spreads it right on toast (and cuts it into fours).  Other times she dishes it into a ramekin and uses it like a dip.  Either way, it’s delicious. 


Hardboiled eggs are quick to make and have a pop of protein.  She found this website (https://www.hoteatsandcoolreads.com/2024/03/seasoned-hard-boiled-eggs.html), which helped launch her creativity seasoning eggs.  She told me the last time she used Spice Madness’s Cape Cod Seafood Seasoning.   The eggs only need a pinch to bring them to the next level.

Since eggs cook quickly and use a single pan, my wife will make Shakshuka (https://downshiftology.com/recipes/shakshuka/).  It’s a tasty recipe that requires little prep and quick sauté before adding tomatoes and eggs.  The recipe is seasoned with chili powder, cumin, and paprika and garnished with a little parsley or cilantro.  It’s her go-to dish when Girl Dinner is her Escape From This Life Dinner.  


As I mentioned above, she will make guac and use it either as a toast topper or a dip.   Besides those, she will use Spice Madness’s Dip Mixes, especially French Onion and Creamy Dill, and spoon a bit into non-fat Greek yogurt.  She’ll cut a pita into triangles and a healthy amount of crudites (and maybe a glass of wine to wash it down).


No matter how old you are, there is always a little bit of child hiding on the inside.  Her favorite is either peanut butter or almond butter on whole grain toast topped with a sliced banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Simple.  Filling. Comforting.  This is best accompanied by a cup of tea and binge watching her favorite re-runs.

While I have told her for years that cereal is a viable dinner option, she had remained determined not to do it.  Her other Kids-Stuff option is cinnamon coated apples accompanied with granola bars, dried fruit, and walnuts.  She’s almost there . . . All she’s missing is milk!