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How to Properly Brunch on Christmas Morning

How to Properly Brunch on Christmas Morning

Take the Festivities to New Heights

There’s so much to look forward to when you and your family wake up on Christmas morning. From the stack of presents underneath the tree, to getting together with loved ones and having a kickass dinner, you just get immersed in the festive environment. So, why not take the spirit up a notch with a memorable Christmas brunch. 

First, open the presents. Then, when all the kids have a chance to play with their toys and the adults have marveled over that perfect cable-knit sweater for dad, it’s time to eat! Timing isn’t written in stone (11:30 am? 2 pm? 4 pm? Your call). Just make sure everyone’s hungry, and maybe even had a Bloody Mary or two. 

Here’s our take on the ideal Christmas brunch.

Keep It Simple–and Tasty

If you're looking for an easy, delicious Christmas brunch dish, you’re in luck. Consider making a cinnamon french toast bake. This dish is incredibly versatile, so you can enjoy it on Christmas morning without having the heavy load of preparing a whole dish. If you prepare this the night before on Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to pop it in the oven the next day to warm up without a second thought.

We’ll leave the cinnamon french toast bake recipe up to you (our friends at Google offer a plethora of ideas), but our list of cinnamon spices is non-negotiable. Cinnamon is, after all, at the heart of this dish. At Spice Madness, our range of premium spices is bound to elevate any dish that you prepare. Not only do we have your classic Ground Cinnamon, but we also offer Cinnamon Sugar and Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Sugar—for that “next-level” french toast bake. However you decide to dress up your food is completely up to you, but Spice Madness is all about giving you the quality ingredients you need to make your cuisine sing. After all, we’re your culinary partner in crime. 

So, experiment and get ready to kill it in the kitchen with your Christmas Day brunch. Be sure to tag us in your creations—we can’t wait to see what comes out of your oven!