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BBQ party

Smokin' Culinary Tour: Savoring America's Best BBQ Spots From My Own Backyard

When summer started, I set a goal for my friends and me – would it be possible to try the different flavors of American BBQ and not leave the backyard?  We used this map and pinned a bunch of places well known for either their BBQ or smoked meats:

Map of our BBQ journey.

There’s nothing like a big table filled with smoked meat and ice-cold beer, it’s like heaven in your own backyard.  

We’re in the final stage of the challenge, and we have only one place left - Louisiana! 

Since it’s my turn to do the cooking, I'll be getting my smoker ready, and will be using three different Louisiana inspired rubs from Spice Madness: Cajun Spice, Creole Seasoning, and Blackening Seasoning. My friend Artie is in charge of the beer.

On Friday, I will be making Creole Smoked Salmon, on Saturday, Cajun Smoked Turkey, and we’ll finish the weekend with Blackened Chicken on the grill.  The prep time will be minimal because Spice Madness provides all the flavor I need.

We’ve had so much fun grilling our way across the United States:  Texas BBQ, Memphis and St. Louis Rib Rubs, Kentucky Bourbon BBQ, Vermont Maple Bourbon, and Windy City Steak Rub.  Who has time to travel?

One weekend, I made a slight detour and made some terrific Smoked Pulled Pork using Spice Madness.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the video on our socials!