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Sipping the Season: Mulling Spice

Sipping the Season: Mulling Spice

Last weekend, my wife and I spent a day traveling the New England countryside, had some lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, and visited an heirloom orchard to pick some apples.  It’s a tradition that started when we were dating and have continued to do so.  It gives us an excuse to be outside and by the end, plenty of reasons to enjoy Spice Madness’s Mulling Spice and Cinnamon Sticks.   

Once we were home, we started in the kitchen right away.  We cut a few apples, sliced a bit of our favorite cheese, and toasted a cup of walnuts.   

Since this apple picking outing had been planned for a few weeks, I was prepared. I followed the recipe on the label and combined the mulling spice with the cider and let it simmer. While it simmered away, I grabbed some Spice Madness Cinnamon Sugar, and rimmed a couple glasses. Then, I strained the mulled cider into a mug and garnished it with a cinnamon stick stirrer.  All those warm seasonal flavors gave the cider a different dimension.  The apples’ sweetness was warmed by hints of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and more.

Together, we sat on the couch as the fire popped and crackled, the light danced against the living room wall. We toasted, clinked our glasses, grateful for our good fortune.  . . .

Now, that’s the nice family version, but here’s the Spice Madness Adult version. We may have substituted red wine for cider.  The gentle warmth from the mulling spice gave the wine a complexity I was not expecting – rich and satisfying. 

Either way, wine infused with Spice Madness’s Mulling Spice will turn any night into a memorable one!

Mulled wine is a great signature drink for the fall season and especially your Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings.  Here are a few mulling recipes from Buzzfeed to stir up your mulling curiosity: