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Dips So Good You'll Forget About the Score

Dips So Good You'll Forget About the Score

This is a tricky time of the year when two worlds collide.   In one world, we’re finishing the second full week of the New Year, and so far, we’ve remained solid on our resolution to eat better and move around more.  In the other, we love having people over as the climax to the football season is underway.  

I may have found a way of having the best of both worlds! I started by making a promise to myself that I would eat carefully during the week and slide a little during the weekend.  It’s all about choices, people. 

In the late October blog, Game Day Delights, I mentioned how we keep the pantry stocked with our favorite wing rubs and dips.  The dips are great for wings, chips, and vegetables. Our favorites are French Onion and Ranch.  They’re our football go to – they’re easy to make, and they’re versatile.

Besides using sour cream (so delicious!) as a base for the dips, we are going to make the same ones using Greek Yogurt.  They will have that creamy tanginess of sour cream but with a lot less fat.   Of course, we’re going to have fresh Guac seasoned with Spice Madness’s Guacamole Seasoning.  A couple of tablespoons of seasoning, a squirt of lime, and you’re ready to go.  

I have learned a couple of new tricks in my desire to eat healthier.  I’m going to put Everything Bagel Seasoning in plain hummus and use it as a vegetable dip.  The Everything Bagel Seasoning is like a party in your mouth with a crunchy contrast of the creamy, nutty hummus, and gives a blast of flavor. The best part is, there’s variations. There’s salt free, red pepper, and plus, which has carraway and fennel seeds.

The big addition to the dips table will be Chimichurri Sauce Mix.  It provides a delightful balance of freshness, herbiness, acidity, and heat.  It’s great with vegetables, chips, or tacos. It will be a new taste for some, and I’m hoping they’ll ask for more during next week.